Heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown when fresh and becomes russet or reddish brown when seasoned

Brazilian Cherry
Brazilian Cherry
Brazilian Cherry
Brazilian Cherry


Origin : South America

Grain : Mostly interlocked; texture is medium to rather coarse.

Hardness (JANKA) : 2820

Dimensional Stability : Good

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Brazilian Cherry ( also known as Jatoba in timber trading circles ) is a very popular species of timber from South America. Dense and durable, we at Westwood Floorings started installing Brazilian Cherry for our customers since the year 2001, probably for the first time in India. Brazilian Cherry timber is normally pinkish in colour when installed and will turn more darker as it get oxidised by contact with air. Being a South American species, it is very dense and can take quite a few knocks. Expect some colour variation on the floor. A medium priced option in our range, the price varies from Rs. 400 to Rs. 800 per square foot installed. Available Flooring Options: Blocks, thick Strip & Plank Flooring

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