When I started Westwood Floorings in 1996, it wasn't just another business for me. I wanted to start something that would cater to a gap in the market. Wooden flooring was an obvious choice as I had the experience expertise and legacy in the business of wood and timber.
Over the years, this business has become my passion and today it is that passion drives the business. Looking back, for over a quarter of this century and best part of my life, Westwood flooring has helped me achieve what always set out for.
Nothing gives me pleasure and satisfaction than receiving a thank you note from my customer. Be it a simple text message to appreciate the team or an elaborate testimonial, Westwood has moved away from being all about making money to delivering the perfect floor to my clients, being a good employer to my employees, being a mentor to my young and aspiring colleagues.

I recall telling my wife and business partner - " When I ask my customers, how is the floor, the answer I get invariably is, " We love it". That gives me the best satisfaction of doing this business.

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