• By Eldo Rajan
  • September 05, 2022

One question we often get asked, when we talk to a prospective customer is; “ How durable is a wooden floor?” This is a very genuine concern when the prospects are considering wooden floors for the first time.

A lot of people think of wood as a weak material when they compare it with other hard floors like marble, granite, or tiles. The durability of any substance needs to be measured by how you will be able to continue to use it. 

Let us take each at a time:

Vitrified Tile Floor: These floors are very hard but artificially made in a factory using synthetic materials. Like any manmade material, the appearance and the new look will fade away over time. Yes, this is the same for all materials even natural materials. But, in the case of wood floors, this can be sanded back and re-coated even after 100 years and made new. Unfortunately, that is not something that can be said about vitrified floors. 

Marble Floors: Marble floors are made of natural material and can be re-sanded and re-polished just like wooden floors. Then how is wood more durable than Marble? Here, we would like to tell you something which most people do not believe at first. Properly installed wooden floors are easier to maintain than marble floors. They can be refreshed using the latest techniques at home by the customers themselves. There are many DIY solutions available for homeowners. Re-coating a wooden floor in case of any damage is much easier in comparison.

Granite Floors: Granite Floors, even though they are used much less nowadays in homes are very hard and they are made out of natural stone. But the biggest problem with Granite floors is, that they are practically impossible to be sanded or re-polished once they are installed in your home. That makes it less durable in an aesthetical sense.

Now we come to wooden floors – specifically solid wood floors made out of pure wood. Wood is one of the most resilient construction materials that has been used for construction including flooring for ages. Solid wooden floors when properly installed will last more than a lifetime for a person. These floors can take traffic, take a few knocks and still be there. If you drop a heavy object on a floor like Vitrified tile or Marble, you will crack the floor with a long crack whereas if you drop something on a solid wood floor, you will get a dent at the point of impact. Nothing else.

Other Advantages :

  • Easy to sand and re-coat
  • Option to change the color and texture
  • Highly durable and refinish able even after 100 years

We have been into Solid wood Flooring since 1996 with 10k customers. There are quite a few customers who they renovated their house or apartment has retained their wood floor which was done by us years ago and has changed the tiled floor.

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