A successful floor installation relies upon what happens even before the first piece of wood is laid on the floor. The significance of site examinations and evaluations can never be overemphasized. It is during these site inspections, we recommend the right type of subfloor considering the plot condition, location etc., should we glue down directly or should it be on frames? Our expertise is in site finished solid wood flooring, in association with the world’s number one wooden flooring solutions company, BONA AB. NO LAMINATE, ENGINEERED WOOD, FURNITURE OR KITCHENS CABINETS.

Installing solid wooden floor takes a lot of patience, expertise and experience. We use the right equipment for the right job. No compromises. The best moisture meters from GANN and Tramex for measuring the moisture content of the sub floor and the wood, world class machines for floor preparation and laying. We do not take rough estimates and never start work with ball park figures. The right machines, right measurements and right people is the Westwood Guarantee

What adhesive? Do you need a silane-based adhesive? Should it be an elastic adhesive or a rigid adhesive? Are there chances of moisture migration from the adjoining area? Is the property below the adjacent plot? Is there a hill behind the house which will increase the water pressure under the floor? Like these, there are hundreds of things that need to be considered when we recommend flooring to you, and this is where the expertise of our team comes into play.


Broadly, wooden floors can be categorized into two based on the profile of the wooden floor:

Tongue & Groove
Each plank has a slot (the groove) cut all along one edge and a thin, deep ridge (the tongue) on the opposite edge. When installed, the tongue of one board fits snugly into the groove of the adjoining board.

The advantage of a tongue and groove floor is that it fits tightly together producing flush, flat surfaces. The interlocking mechanism restricts excess board movement and gives a firm, stable flooring. For additional stability, there is a nailing system below the wood surface, which remains invisible and ensures superior aesthetics.

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Lam Parquet
Lam Parquet or Block flooring as it is locally known, are strips of wood cut to a specific width and thickness and of uniform or varying length. These strips are without any grooves or any other type of moulding. These strips of wood are normally directly pasted to the floor using specialised parquet adhesives.

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Wooden decks for outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly popular. It is a beautiful alternative to traditional flooring for spaces like balconies, patios or the swimming pool deck. When it comes to outdoor decking, we have two options :

Decking Tiles
Both these types of decking are made out of outdoor-grade timber which is suited for exterior applications. Some of our current popular species which we use for decking are Ipe and Cumaru. Decking tiles are wooden deck tiles of uniform length ( normally 450mm or 500mm ) which are made out of outdoor-grade timber. The decking tiles are installed as floating installations and are locked into each other. The decking tile system is easily removable and the surface underneath can be cleaned easily. The frames of the decking tile are also made out of durable hardwood and use of plastic is avoided completely.

Westwood Deck System
Westwood Long Strip Decking Systems are made out of longer strips of wood when compared to a Wooden Decking Tile system. These decking systems are anchored systems where the wooden strips are anchored on to the subfloor. The wooden strips are connected using high-quality aluminium strips which are invisible from the top.

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For indoor sports areas like badminton, basketball or squash courts, high-impact wooden floors are an ideal choice. Westwood has an in-depth understanding in this area and has trained personnel to install long-lasting, high-performance wooden sports floors.

Westwood Baten System
This sports flooring system uses high impact wood for longevity. The entire system is mounted on air flex pads for cushioning. Proper sanding, coupled with multiple finishing coats of primer and finish, ensure that the floor and the markings on it last a very long time.

Aerobic floors
These floors from Westwood are engineered to give maximum cushioning and support to users. This is ensured by different layers of air flex pads, foam and a plywood subfloor on top of a properly finished concrete base. Add clients here

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